Youth Work

What is Community Youth Work?

Community Youth Work is all about: 

  • Identifying the needs of young people in their local community and developing projects to meet those needs.
  • Reaching out to young people in the places where they live, using outreach, detached and centre based activities.
  • Involving young people in the development of new activities
  • Building good working relationships with statutory, voluntary, community and faith organisations creating opportunities to add value and develop partnership working.
  • Being a good role model that will inspire young people to strive to be the best they can in all aspects of their lives.

Community Youth Workers provide leadership and empowerment, mobilising communities to deliver youth work.

Who is part of the Community Youth Work initiative?

This Community Youth Work initiative is a partnership between Horsham Matters and 12 Parish and Neighbourhood Councils.

Vision and Values for Community Youth Work 

As partners, we want to enable and empower the young people of our local communities to make informed, positive lifestyle choices, which promote active, healthy, holistic, safe and social lives.  We will achieve this through opportunities that encourage young people to enjoy, grow, develop valuable social skills, participate positively in their local community and achieve their highest potential thus support as successful transit into adulthood.

As a partnership, we value:

  • Commitment of partnership to vision and towards young people.
  • Quality relationships that are built on honesty, openness and trust.
  • Experience, knowledge and training.
  • An accessible, flexible and responsive approach.
  • Community leadership and ownership, which promotes investment in the community and encourages sustainability.
  • Longevity.
  • Conversation and Dialogue.
  • Serving, supporting and offering guidance to young people.


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