Horsham Matters is very pleased to be part of the Local Assistance Network in West Sussex. Horsham Matters covers the Horsham District, including Steyning, Pulborough and Billingshurst.

The Local Assistance Network provides immediate short-term aid to help protect a person’s welfare by preventing a crisis. We cover the Horsham District and can offer assistance to those who:

  • are on benefits or a low income;
  • are facing an unforeseen emergency or disaster that puts them or their family at risk of harm;
  • need help moving into or remaining in the community;
  • live in the Horsham District West Sussex or are being resettled here; and
  • can provide evidence of who they are and why they need help.

Strictly to qualify for LAN support from Horsham Matters the following is required:

  • You will need to live in the Horsham District
  • There is little or no earned income in the household
  • You will need to come for a short interview and will need to bring:
    • Proof of identity ideally a photo id, e.g. driving licence, passport or failing that a copy of your birth certificate
    • Proof of address such as a Tenancy Agreement or bill. If not available then a letter from the housing agency confirming the move (Saxon Weald provide these for us on a regular basis)
    • Proof of low or no income – copy of latest benefit award letter from DWP, or bank statements if you are earning

To find out if you qualify for assistance please call Kathryn on 0300 124 0204, or e-mail us on [email protected]

The Local Assistance Network scheme was introduced by West Sussex County Council in April 2013 and replaces the Crisis Loans and Community Care Grants that used to be available from  JobCentre Plus.

For further details please visit the WSCC website here.

There is also some very helpful information on the Citizens Advice site here.