Take part in our 40 for 40 challenge this Lent

With people struggling to afford food living locally, it is important that we can continue to support families in crisis throughout the Easter period. We provide essential emergency food, emotional support and practical advice to families who live near you and really need us.

The challenge

We are asking people to join us in taking small actions to transform lives by giving up 40 pence for 40 days. With the addition of Gift Aid this comes to £20.

Or if you feel like challenging yourself to give something up during this period, why not donate the cost of what you save towards Horsham District Foodbank?

At the end of Lent on 19th April, bank the money you’ve raised and send a cheque (made payable to Horsham Matters Ltd and write ‘Lent’ on the reverse) together with this Gift Aid Form to:

Horsham Matters

Micah House

Blatchford Road


RH13 5QR