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Mocktail Apprentice Presentations 5th June 2015 – South Lodge Hotel in West Sussex

2015 has seen another fantastic year for Mocktail Apprentice. The total number of engagements with young people more than doubled that of last year to 7,000+ (Pan Sussex). The backing of the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, the ‘Safer in Sussex’ Community Fund, Horsham District Council and Saxon Weald (as well as others) was crucial to enable this achievement. The project is now copyrighted, a step taken to protect our brand, ethos and standards. Our Stakeholders and Volunteers have grown even more, notably with the addition of the Barlcay’s Business Team and Wabi, whilst retaining the ‘heartbeat’ stakeholders who make Mocktail Apprentice the success it is. The support of both the West and East Sussex Fire & Rescue service has been EXCEPTIONAL.

The extent of the engagement by the pupils has even seen Mocktail Apprentice go ‘International’.  Steyning Grammar School pupils took their micro business and entrepreneurial skills a stage further, engaging with parents to sell their Mocktails and promote the health & safety messages learnt during their MAP day, thus raising funds for a project in BOLIVIA!!!!!!!!!!!! Next stop New York.

Some of the very impressive messages around Alcohol Health & Safety  from the students at our Grand Finale can be seen below.