A vital part of our welfare safety net is at risk of having Government funding removed. The Government funded Local Welfare Schemes are run by local authorities and provide funding for essential items to people in need and for help after an emergency. See here for information about the scheme in Brighton.

The Government’s plans to cut this funding have been successfully challenged in court. This means that the Government have had to consult on this cut, and it gives us an opportunity to tell the Government how vital this safety net is to us.

The consultation has one more week until it closes. So, we need as many people and organisations to respond by Friday 21 November.

You can help by:

  • Adding your details to an online email response set up by The Children’s Society
  • Using a template letter from the homelessness charity SHP and emailing it to [email protected]
  • By writing your own letter and emailing it to the Department for Communities and Local Government at [email protected]
  • By contacting or meeting with your local Councillor or MP to discuss this issue

Government information on this consultation is here, and we’ll keep you updated on progress and any changes in this area as we hear it.