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David Sheldon, chief executive at Horsham Matters, said: “It was Mark Twain that is reported to have said ‘The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated’ after his obituary was mistakenly published in the New York Journal.

“Well it wasn’t a report of our death, but a number of people who read the article in last week’s County Times (People walk out of here in tears) have got the impression that Horsham Matters will be closing down.

“Please let us assure you that we will continue to provide household goods and furniture whether or not the government funding continues.

“The difference will be in the number of people we are able to help and the amount of help we can give them – it will certainly impact our ability to provide white goods and fuel card top-ups.

“Horsham Matters are very much here to stay our shops in East St and Guildford Road remain open for business and we will continue to deliver the Horsham District foodbank and Horsham Churches Night Shelter in partnership with local churches, the Mocktail Apprentice Programme in partnership with Horsham District Council and Community Youth Work on behalf of local Parish and Neighbourhood Councils.

“We remain committed to demonstrating God’s love and concern for local residents – to show that Horsham matters!”

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