Mail 'backlash' donations surge past £100k #foodbanks #dwpwelfareassist

Public dismay at a Mail on Sunday 'expose' of food bank 'fraud' has triggered £107,000 in donations for the Trussell Trust food bank charity.

Rather brilliantly, the Mail of Sunday has succeeded in inadvertently raising over £100,000 for the Trussell trust food bank charity – the very organisation it set out to expose as so dangerously lax with the public's money that, presumably, the public should think twice about donating to it.

That notorious article, in which one of the paper's undercover reporters pretended to be an unemployed father of two in crisis in order to acquire a food parcel, did not, it's fair to say, strike a positive chord with the public.

Indeed, it triggered a backlash via social media. This morning the amount raised on Trussell's Just Giving page stood at £107k, a massive and unprecedented surge in donations over just one week which the charity said was primarily triggered by donors appalled and bewildered by the paper's "expose".

A look some of the comments left by donors on Trussell's page leaves you in no doubt as what donors felt about the MoS story, or why they felt compelled to donate. Here's one, from Suze, who gave £20:

To demonstrate my support for the kindness and compassion of the Trussell Trust and my rejection of the inhumanity of this government and the Daily Mail [Mail on Sunday]

There are plenty more comments, most a little less diplomatic, some laden with expletives.

The paper nonetheless has stood by its story. It told me that it applauded the work of Trussell trust and its "selfless volunteers and generous supporters" but rejected criticism that its story had been misjudged and said it was a "sad day for journalism" when investigations into the use of money given by the public were condemned.

A spokesman added:

"We are delighted to hear that the Trussell Trust has received a lot of extra donations. We just hope these are used to help genuinely needy people and not given to fraudsters.

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