News release from Saxon Weald

August 2013

Local charity Horsham Matters is well known for recycling, reusing and reselling good-quality second hand furniture and household items to help local families –  particularly those in need. With funding from Saxon Weald, the charity has now also set up a Relocation Assistance Service.

Saxon Weald tenants on a low income, with less than £1000 in savings, are eligible to apply for the service. Horsham Matters will move pre-packed items to the tenant’s new address.

Horsham Matters is a social enterprise set up by Horsham Churches Together (HCT) to  provide practical support to those in need in the local area.  Its non-judgemental service is committed to helping those who are unable, for whatever reason, to help themselves.  The charity can also signpost clients to other services, including those dealing with debt advice and addiction.

The enterprise is funded by sales of donated furniture, electrical items and household goods from their shops in East Street and on Guildford Road.  Donations can be made to their centre in Blatchford Road. 

David Sheldon, Chief Executive of Horsham Matters, says “We recognise that welfare reforms are having a significant impact on a number of individuals and families across the Horsham District and that those who are responding to a reduction in their benefits by looking to move to a smaller property are often already in financial difficulty.

“In many cases the cost of moving would push them even further into debt and so we are delighted that Saxon Weald has responded to this by setting up the Relocation Assistance Service. We are very happy to be partnering with them so that we can extend our community support to Saxon Weald tenants at a time when the strain on their income is greatest.”

The service is aiming to help at least 80 households over the next year. As well as speeding up the moving process, this service will help improve the quality of life for tenants who may have been unable to move without this extra help.


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