HM launch names28th January 2013: Horsham Matters in partnership with community initiative Sussex Green Living have set up a coffee waste packaging recycling scheme.  Horsham Matter is one of the first locations to join this brand new nationwide recycling scheme set up by Kenco and TerraCycle called the Coffee Packaging Brigade, which aims to save coffee packaging waste from landfill.  A collection box for local people to drop off all brands of coffee packaging waste to is now situated at the Horsham Matters Community Charity Centre on Guildford Road in Horsham, with funds being raised to support Horsham Matters and Sussex Green Living, for each unit of coffee packaging waste collected by the local community.


The majority of coffee packaging waste unfortunately ends up in landfill as local councils simply don’t have the infrastructure to recycle mixed plastics.  The waste however is recyclable, prompting Kenco to partner with recycling experts TerraCycle to set up the Coffee Packaging Brigade with an initial 100 location spaces available across the UK.  The aim is to enable local communities such as Horsham to come together to save as much coffee packaging waste from local landfill to be recycled, whilst raising money for good causes.  The coffee packaging waste will be recycled into generic plastic products such as park benches, watering cans and waste bins. 


TerraCycle and Kenco appealed for people across the UK to find suitable locations in their communities that were willing to house a Coffee Packaging collection box and apply for a space on the brigade.   Mrs Carrie Cort, founder of Sussex Green Living arranged for the Horsham Matters Community Charity Centre on Guildford Road to house a collection box for the Horsham community.    Local people are now able to drop their waste coffee refill bags, coffee bean bags, single serving coffee sachets and coffee jar lids off to the public access collection box at the Horsham Matters Community Charity Centre between the hours of 9.30 am to 4.00 pm Tuesday to Saturday .


Mrs Cort, who will administrate the collections for the Horsham Coffee Packaging Brigade commented: “It is great that we have been able to house a collection box at the Horsham Matters Community Charity Centre on Guildford Road to enable the people of Horsham to be one of the first communities in the UK to be able to recycle their coffee packaging waste.  Two TerraCycle points are earned for the weight of each coffee packaging unit that is returned, with each point being redeemable for a one pence contribution. 


“The money raised will be split equally between Horsham Matters to help those in need in the local area and also Sussex Green Living to help educate parents, children, carers and teachers about nature, wildlife and how we can protect our planet and live more sustainably.  We encourage local people to drop off all their coffee packaging waste back to the Horsham Matters Community Charity Centre and tell all their friends and family to do the same.  The aim is to not only save as much coffee packaging waste from landfill as possible but also to raise as much as possible for both Horsham Matters and Sussex Green Living.”

The details of the  Horsham Coffee Packaging Brigade location at  the Horsham Matters Community Charity Centre on Guildford Road is listed on the Coffee Packaging Brigade web page  where visitors are able to search for their nearest participating location.


The Coffee Packaging Brigade looks to extend the lifecycle of everyday coffee packaging waste whilst reducing landfill proliferation.  At the same time there is a knock on effect of slowing the need to extract new resources from the planet. 


Stephanie Okell, Brand Manager for Kenco comments: “Kenco is proud to partner with TerraCycle to launch the new Coffee Packaging Brigade which for the first time provides communities with the opportunity to join together to recycle waste coffee packaging that would otherwise end up in landfill.  We encourage the people of Horsham and the surrounding areas to really get behind the scheme to not only make a difference to the local environment but also to raise money for local charities.”


To find out more about the Coffee Packaging Brigade, apply for a space or find your nearest participating location please visit