We have a number of different shops that both provide an income for the services we deliver and offer good quality affordable goods to those that are struggling financially. All our shops are open to everyone to make purchases but discounts are available to those who need them.

Our Charity Superstore at Redkiln Close in Horsham and our shop in Billingshurst sell a wide range of furniture, household items and electrical goods.

Our Upcycled and Vintage Furniture showroom in East St, Horsham is the place to find unique and restored items of furniture, furnishings, paintings and prints and individual gifts as well as bespoke furniture make by our own team from recycled items that have been donated.

We also have a shop on eBay where we sell some of the more specialist or unusual items that have been donated and a selling page on Facebook where you can see some of the items that are also on display in our shops.