Our Policies

Our latest Policy Handbook has been put together to provide the policies and guidelines for staff that are necessary to:

  • achieve HML’s aims and objectives;
  • provide appropriate levels of protection for potentially vulnerable clients;
  • meet legal requirements in relation to Employment, Health & Safety, Data Protection, etc;
  • safeguard HML’s assets, including goods and financial assets (ie cash);
  • ensure the efficient running of HML’s operations;
  • communicate to customers and supporters how the profits from the shop are utilised.

We expect all our staff, whether paid or voluntary, and Trustees to adhere to these policies and guidelines. In addition we will only work with and sub-contract work to other organsiations that can support these policies and demonstrate similar policies of their own.

Complaints Policy

Horsham Matters aims to provide our customers, clients, service users, partners, suppliers and donors with the best possible service.  However, there may be occasions when users of our services may feel the quality or level of service provided falls short of what can reasonably be expected.

Your continued involvement and good will is of great value to us.  If you have a complaint we would like you to tell us about it. Our Complaints Policy can be downloaded here.